2017 – a Bricktastic Year for SydLUG

As the year draws to a close we look back on what we have achieved, built and experienced. In 2017 SydLUG provided displays for a whopping 14 events, including a couple of firsts such as a library event and a display for Bunnings – in the timber aisle no less!

44 SydLUG members contributed to brick fairs, school fetes, community events and fan conventions, reaching a total number of 52,000 members of the public. An impressive $23,000 was raised for various schools across Sydney and the Illawarra.

Building highlights have included:


  • the massive Sentinel, a crowd favourite at Sydney Brick Show;
  • a portal collaboration that won major prizes at both Sydney Brick Show and Canberra’s BrickExpo;
  • an intricate wedding cake that captured the attention of fans worldwide on social media, not to mention made an actual wedding extra special;
  • some extremely creative trans towers that inspired the general public and had them asking questions about BrickLink;
  • a super special Cars Mack truck with custom chromed pieces that set off many a toddler tantrum when they were told no touching;
  • a TV show themed build that got a star of the show all excited on Twitter;
  • the Fallout house that had fans doing a double-take;
  • the Bat Coaster, at its most popular when going full speed and tossing passengers off;
  • a Western MOC that was a blast from the past; and so many more creations from our group’s talented, creative and dedicated builders.


2018 is full of potential for SydLUG as we move forward as an incorporated body and aim to enhance the experience of our members and extend our community outreach activities. Big things (lots of them made of bricks!) are coming, so keep your eye on SydLUG.