G’day and welcome to the SydLUG website! SydLUG is short for Sydney LEGO Users Group.
SydLUG is a group of AFOLs (Adult Fan Of LEGO) from across Sydney, Australia who meet monthly to share their ideas, creations and discuss LEGO,  Adventurers to Znap and all things in-between. Our group’s aim is to provide a forum, both online and in-the-flesh, where AFOLs can discuss and share ideas about building and playing with LEGO.
A short history of SydLUG can be found on the SydLUG History Page.
Our members have been active in displaying at public events to share their passion for the brick with the community. For our public displays, SydLUG always aims to create high-quality displays that inspire, and impress, both young and old alike.
SydLUG always welcomes new members who have an interest in LEGO, whether they be new to LEGO, have just come out of the dark ages or are a lifetime devotee to the “little plastic brick”. If you have any questions about the group, or suggestions for the website, please feel free to email SydLUG at: info@sydlug.com.

Sharing the LEGO Love