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SydLug @ BrickExpo 2010

SydLUG members were invited to display some MOCS at BrickExpo in Canberra, Australia in August 2010. Nine of us made the trip and took a stack of Lego to display.

Matt, Rod and Robb made a Pirate display with a fort, island and multiple ships:

Death's Breath - SydLUG BrickExpo 2010

David (Mr Offset) displayed his first version of Hogwart’s castle:

David's Hogwarts Castle - SydLUG BrickExpo 2010

Tim and J.P. made a street layout with their owns MOCs plus some Lego models:

Modular buildings - SydLUG BrickExpo 2010

Pete had some of his buildings on display:

Pete's buildings - SydLUG BrickExpo 2010

Darrell made a Star Wars inspired SHIP:


Anto took some of his Stargate inspired stuff:


Video of the event can be found on the SydLUG youtube page:

Looking forward to BrickEXpo in 2011!!!