Becoming a member of SydLUG allows you to attend monthly LUG meetings where we get together to talk about our hobby, upcoming event opportunities, possible collaborations, and just generally socialise. Sometimes we have building activities, presentations from members on techniques, trivia and other games. Some members use this opportunity to share, buy or swap parts.

As a member you are also encouraged to participate in some of the events that SydLUG hosts and attends throughout each year. Given how may shows we do and how widely they are geographically located, most of our members are able to find at least a couple that suit their schedule and location.

Currently our membership is only for adults (18 and over). Children of members are welcome to attend meets and shows, but supervision is required to minimise any disruptions.

In order to cover operating costs such as insurance and meeting venue hire, SydLUG charges members an annual membership fee that will be advised at the time of application. Renewal is at the beginning of each calendar year.

If you would like to become a member of SydLUG please apply complete the following Membership Application and you will be contacted about the rest of the process.

Sharing the LEGO Love