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SydLUG Members Deliver a Brickload of Fun to Kids In Need

SydLUG members Josh and Graham have recently delivered over 240 LEGO sets to the KidzWish Foundation. KidzWish is a charity local to the Illawarra and South Coast area that Josh and Graham call home, and when asked why the two support the charity, they replied “We want to support kids in the community and there is no better charity in the Illawarra that does that. We’re proud to be part of KidzWish and its party as we know all these toys will go directly to local kids.” The locals called on their wider LEGO User Group to make their donation possible, collecting funds for the purchase of the sets through an online raffle and asking SydLUG members to donate sets.

KidzWish offers support to children who are sick, disadvantaged or living with a disability. Their goal is to ensure that none of these children fall through the gaps and to achieve this, KidzWish has a multi-pronged approach, locating children that need help, connecting them to programs and then providing a solution.

The SydLUG effort was part of a larger charity appeal, with a total of over $10,000 worth of LEGO donated thanks to Creations for Charity – a non-profit organisation that hosts an annual fundraising event from October to November where builders from all over the world donate custom LEGO creations to sell and raise money to buy LEGO sets for underprivileged children during the holidays.

SydLUG members will be teaming up with KidzWish again in March 2018, when the first ever “Illawarra Annual Brick Spectacular” is set to take place in Wollongong.


SydLUG Creations Impress at Miranda Brick Fair

On Sunday 22 October, ten members of SydLUG participated in the first annual Miranda Brick Fair with proceeds going to Miranda Public School for vital school resources. Members of the school and wider local community enjoyed a variety of displays built from LEGO, some of which had not been publicly displayed before.

Highlights at the show included a wedding cake, working remote controlled lawnmower, map of Westeros (Game of Thrones), medieval castle and a series of chess sets. Exhibitors enjoyed interacting with the public, especially as the exhibition was the first of its kind held in the area.



It is hoped the event will be repeated annually and continue to grow in popularity.


Supporting the school one toy brick at a time at Jannali Public

On Sunday 15 October, eight members of SydLUG created a Toy Brick Extravaganza at Jannali Public School to accompany their market day fundraising event. This is the second year that the LUG has been invited to display at the school and with the crowd number of 1300 doubling that of the previous year, it’s obvious that the display is proving popular.

For new SydLUG member, Max, the show held special significance, presenting his debut exhibit as an official LUG member. Max’s efforts were impressive and received much attention from the crowd. Taking his inspiration from Pokemon he created a detailed Poke ball jewellery box and an extremely accurate representation of Pokemon character, Red Gyarados. Other popular displays included the Domo, (a previous Sydney Brick Show award winner), Bricksburg, a replica of Lord Business’ lair from The LEGO Movie and the winter village build which got everyone thinking about the upcoming festive season.

A successful day was had by all and SydLUG was thrilled to be able to share their creations for the benefit of a worthy cause. Today’s students are tomorrow’s AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) after all!

SydLUG supports Shellharbour Public School

15 members of SydLUG returned to Shellharbour Public School this year to once again add an extra dimension to their fundraising fete. The event was held on Friday 13 October, and this year was a twilight event attended by around 2000 local community members. SydLUG filled an impressive 40 tables with a wide range of displays raising money for the school through gold coin donations.

Exhibitors enjoyed the fun and relaxed atmosphere of the event and visitors to the fete responded well to the displays, some highlights including: a casino, a desert oasis, the Powerpuff Girls, winter village, Batcoaster and a large Star Wars lenticular.

SydLUG’s official LUG Ambassador to LEGO, Gregg, had the honour of judging the kids building competition, awarding the top 3 places across three categories. Perhaps we will see some of the prize recipients as LUG members in the future!

As always, SydLUG were happy to share their love of LEGO in the name of a great cause, educating the next generation.

OzComic-Con showcases talent and creativity of SydLUG members

Described as Australia’s number one destination for pop culture fans, OzComic-Con has been running since 2012. This year marked the second year that SydLUG has been invited to display, and throughout the weekend the innovative display proved very popular among the 20,000 plus visitors to the convention, held at the new International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour.

The convention, which ran from Saturday 30 September to Sunday 1 October, was a natural fit for many of our members with their creations mirroring the cosplay outfits of convention visitors. Highlights of the brick built display included the Sentinel, Route 1 (from Pokemon), a mosaic featuring Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia and the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine.

SydLUG hopes to be given the opportunity to be part of the action again next year.

Cumberland Library Mini Exhibition

This spring school holidays SydLUG was part of a new initiative by Cumberland Council Libraries to offer children an enriching toy brick experience. In a first for both the LUG and the libraries, a small group of SydLUG members displayed creations at Merrylands Central Library on Tuesday 26 September. The library also offered a brick play area and colouring station, attracting many families with children of all ages.

The day was a busy one with a constant stream of visitors to the library – some who had planned their visit specially to see the display, and others who were using the library as per normal and were intrigued by the display. LUG members had an enjoyable day interacting with the public and library staff, all of whom had a variety of questions about our hobby.

SydLUG members were excited to be able to draw people’s attention to the wonderful services the library offers the community, and many of us found it a timely reminder of just what libraries have to offer and the vital role they still play in today’s world.

SydLUG and the library service are working on ideas for future events, across multiple library locations, and have plans to make these events a regular school holiday occurrence.



Mt Terry Public School Spring Fair 2017

Spring has arrived and so have school spring fairs! On Friday, September 1st, a handful of SydLUG members displayed models at the Mt Terry Public School Spring Fair in Albion Park. The fair is held every two years for the benefit of over 700 of the school’s students and families, and is also attended by other members of the local community.

Pete, Josh, Graham and Ray represented SydLUG with a diverse range of MOCs set up in the school hall, including the Mos Eisley Cantina; a large AT-AT Walker; Star Wars/M:Tron mash-ups; a baseball stadium; crystal towers; The Powerpuff Girls; chess sets, and assorted vignettes. SydLUG members were also invited to judge the students’ build competition, with a competitive selection the decisions were tough!

The day was an enjoyable one with many visitors to the fair returning to the LEGO displays multiple times to ensure they had seen it all and to grab one last look at their favourites.