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SydLUG began as a group in January 2000, formed by like-minded individuals who began meeting to share their LEGO® hobby. The group was known as ‘STUDS’. In late 2005, the Brisbane LEGO® Train Club (BLTC) received an invitation to attend the 2006 Australian Model Railway Association (NSW Division) show (AKA: ‘The AMRA Show’). Unfortunately for BLTC, it was determined that it would cost too much to transport and display their exhibition, and so contact was made with the Sydney group STUDS. For the purposes of displaying at The AMRA Show, the name ‘Sydney LEGO® Train Club’ (SLTC) was adopted.

The SLTC banner was used for many successful AMRA show displays until 2009, when it was decided that a new name needed to be adopted to reflect the growing interests within the group, and thus the name ‘SydLUG’ was adopted.

Over the years SydLUG has continued to grow and in 2017 the decision was made to incorporate, which involved the election of an organising committee and the creation of a governing constitution. We have really worked on our group identity and even have LUG shirts, drink bottles and other merchandise for members. SydLUG’s future is bright!