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St George Brickfair

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On Sunday 8th November 2015, SydLUG was again invited to participate at the St George Brickfair held at Hurstville South Public School. The Brickfair was being organised by the school’s P&C to raise funds for the school.

There were two areas at the school for the Brickfair. In one building, a display of UCS Star Wars models with other assorted large Lego sets. Right beside it was a very popular brick play area for the kids to build their own creation.


The School Hall housed the exhibition of SydLUG members. The displays included things such as a Cinderella Castle, Star Wars Mos Eisley diorama, Ninjago & Scooby Doo scenes. Also custom & MOC Lego car creations, a MOC of Sydney’s Town Hall Station and helicopters galore. Lego Friends sets were displayed as well as other Lego creations. The centre piece was the large Lego City Town Centre with lots of buildings both custom and out of the box. Zipping around the Town Centre were trains that entertained the crowd both young and old.
The crowd favourite was the Great Ball Contraption, it was a number of different moving Lego machines that picked up, tipped out, shuffled and span Lego balls from one side of the tables to the other.

It was a great day for all of the exhibitors and those that attended, lots of smiling faces were seen as they went from table to table.

More photos can be found here.