SydLUG stands for Sydney LEGO®User Group. A LEGO® User Group (LUG) is a group of fans that holds regular club meetings, builds together and even puts on or attends conventions and exhibitions. Our aim is to offer our members the opportunity to find friendship, inspiration and support in this group that enhances their enjoyment of the LEGO®hobby. We provide a forum both on-line and in person for our members to discuss and share ideas about building and collecting LEGO®.

SydLUG are based in Sydney and our members predominantly reside in Sydney and its surrounds as well as some other areas of New South Wales, Australia.  The LUG currently meets monthly at Croydon Public School, Young St, Croydon. Meetings are strictly for members only. Our group is for AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO®), meaning our members are all over 18.

SydLUG regularly puts on public displays, some in partnership with other organisations, often for the purpose of fundraising for community groups such as schools and charities. We aim to provide high-quality displays that appeal to a wide range of interests. Regular shows include:

  • Inner West Brick Fair
  • Epping Train Show
  • Illawarra Annual Brick Spectacular
  • Cumberland Libraries School Holiday Displays
  • Blacktown Library (Brickbuilt by SydLUG)
  • St George Brick Fair

If you are interested in booking a SydLUG display for your organisation, please email events@sydlug.com. Please note our members are all volunteers with private collections. None of us work for The LEGO® Group.

If you are an AFOL looking to become a member, please visit the Membership page of our website.

Sharing the LEGO Love